Imformation for timbers we use

~~American Ash

Similar in appearance to European ash. The sapwood is light coloured to nearly white and the heartwood varies from greyish brown to pale yellow streaked with brown. The wood is generally straight-grained with a coarse, uniform texture. Also known as Northern Ash, Southern Ash, White Ash.

~~American White Oak

Similar in colour and appearance to European oak. The sapwood of American white oak is light coloured and the heartwood is light to dark brown. White oak is mostly straight grained with a medium to coarse texture, with longer rays than red oak. White oak therefore has more figure. Also known as Northern White Oak, Southern White Oak.

Common applications for American ash include furniture, flooring, doors, architectural interiors, high-end joinery and mouldings, cabinetry, paneling in the form of veneers, tool handles, sports goods and turnings. It is also becoming popular in the construction of electric guitars. It is an attractive and versatile timber for a vast range of interior applications.

~~Tasmanian Oak 

 The name Tasmanian Oak was originally used by early European timber workers who believed the eucalypts showed similar characteristics to English Oak.

 Tasmanian Oak is a warm, dense hardwood. It works extremely well as a furniture timber and produces an excellent finish. Tasmanian Oak generally has a very straight and even grain and is naturally light in colour, varying from straw to reddish brown with intermediate shades of cream and pink. It has long-lasting appeal in it's natural state, but also has excellent staining qualities, making it possible to stain it almost any colour, right through to the very dark chocolate brown shades.

~~Tasmanian Blackwood - Acacia melanoxylon

 Tasmanian Blackwood is a much valued furniture timber that has been used for over 100 years. The grain of this hardwood is predominantly straight but may occasionally be wavy, and varies in colour from light to dark brown with occasional red tints and black streaks. It is an excellent timber to work with and dresses to a smooth finish that takes polish well (it is very rarely stained).

 Blackwood is one of the largest of the Australian "Wattles" and can be found from the Atherton Tablelands in north Queensland, along the east coast of NSW to the southeast of South Australia, and in Tasmania. The best natural form is found in moist gullies and in cool temperate rainforest. The main source of Blackwood timber is from the "Blackwood swamps" of north-west Tasmania where the tree grows quite profusely.


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